PP PE Plastic Film Granulator with Electromagnetic Heater

PP PE Plastic Film Granulator with Electromagnetic Heater

Product Description

PP/PE CZPT Film Granulator with Electromagnetic Heater

Granulator can be utilized in the procedure of a variety of plastic granulation particles, which can be utilized for PP,PE,PS,Abdominal muscles,OPPand other plastics to granulate. For numerous characteristics and rewards of granulator, it is especially impressive in the following locations: 

1) The screw portion is cautiously developed and designed, the entire machine and each and every element are outfitted moderately, and all the strains are heated by three fires and one zero.
2) The screw is created in accordance to the attributes of the substance, so the granulator has higher effectiveness and speed, the items created have robust gloss, the particle dimension is total, the configuration of the total equipment is enhanced, and the service existence of the tools is added. In the visual appeal factor has also carried on the rationalization style, for that reason has the unique aesthetic feeling.
three) This granulator adopts affordable design, the production quantity has also been greatly improved, the concluded merchandise performance-price ratio is larger, the servicing time is diminished, so the maintenance expense of users is also lowered.
four) The characteristics of substantial output and lower energy usage are equipped with massive torque reducer and motor, and the screw is specifically created and processed. No dead angle, no iron jam, successfully increase the manufacturing potential, boost the plastic plastic impact. Equipped with one exhaust double exhaust framework, total drainage, exhaust, so that the particles are far more robust and entire.
five) Higher top quality electrical and driving equipment to make the granulator more protected and reputable in the procedure of use.

Circulation Chart

Device Kind

MP feeder/recycling granulator, the firm is specially created for recycling LDPE, HDPE, PP waste film content extrusion granulator and the growth model.The unit established the delivery of uncooked components, crushing, extruding the multi-perform at an organic entire, preserve the transportation of raw supplies to repeat turnover in the method of manufacturing labor, scrap movie produced in the procedure of crushing the scorching aggregate, advantageous to compress the plasticizing, large output, minimal power consumption, the workers operate depth is small, recycling granulation are of excellent quality, is the perfect equipment for granulation of squander movie recycling.

Filtration Method

one. Compact composition, modest volume, considerably less consumables.
2. Easy to disassemble and fix.
three. Because the stream disturbance is large, the dirt is not straightforward to deposit, the used plate material is great, not simple to corrode.

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PP PE Plastic Film Granulator with Electromagnetic Heater