5ton Free Mast Lifting Height AC Powered Electric Forklift

5ton Free Mast Lifting Height AC Powered Electric Forklift

5ton Duplex total cost-free mast lifting height AC run electric forklift

one.1 Brand       HYTGER  HYTGER  HYTGER 
1.two Type     CPD20FJ CPD30FT CPD50F8
one.three Power Sort     CZPT  CZPT  CZPT 
one.4 Operation Variety     Seated Seated Seated
1.five Rated Capacity KG 2000 3000 five
1.six Load Centre mm 500 500 five hundred
one.eight Entrance Overhang  mm 548 480 548
1.nine Wheel Foundation mm 1500 1625 2000
2.one Support Excess weight   kg 3290 4985 7348
2.two Shaft Load,Full Load  Entrance/Rear   kg 9442/983 7230/750 11015/1333
two.three Shaft Load,Unloaden Entrance/Rear   kg 2992/3433 2140/2840 3393/3855
three.1 Tyre     Pneumatic tyre Sound tyre Sound tyre
three.2 Entrance   mm 7.00-12-twelve 28*9-15 28*12.five-fifteen
3.three Rear   mm 18X7-8 eighteen*seven-8 23X10-twelve
three.four Front   mm   2X/2   2X/2   2X/two
3.5 Wheelbase  Front bten mm 970 a thousand 1262
3.six Wheelbase  Rear b11  mm 950 980 1085
four.one Mast Tilt Angle α/ β (°)   6/twelve 6/twelve 6/ten
4.2 Mast Decreased Height h1  mm 1995 2571 2235
4.four Mast Peak hthree  mm 3000 3000 3000
4.5 Mast Extended Peak (With backrest) hfour  mm 4120 4120 4120
4.seven Overhead Guard Peak hsix  mm 2230 2230 2353
four.19 All round size l1  mm 3350 3620 4127
4.twenty Length to encounter of fork (Without having fork) ltwo mm 2280 2550 3058
4.21 General Width b1/ btwo  mm 1150 1220 1600
four.22 Fork Dimensions s/ e/ l  mm 40×120×1070 45X125X1070 55X150X1070
four.32 The minimal clearance of the forklift m2  mm a hundred and ten 130 one hundred forty
four.35 Turning Radius (Outside) Wa  mm 2100 2300 2675.5
Functionality knowledge        
five.1 Travel speed, laden/ unladen   km/ h 13/13.5 13/13.five fourteen/fourteen.5
five.two Lifting speed, laden/ unladen   m/ s .26/.forty five .23/.37 .26/.45
5.3 Reducing speed, laden/ unladen   m/ s .fifty five/ .five .fifty/ .forty eight .55/ .5
5.four Rated traction, entire load/no load.   N
five.four Highest traction, full load/no load (time)   N 17000 18000 26000
five.five Maximum climb, complete load/vacant load.   % ten.five/ 14 ten.5/twelve fourteen/15
five.60 Services brake     CZPT/mechanical CZPT/mechanical CZPT/mechanical
  Parking Brake Kind     CZPT  CZPT CZPT
6.one Generate motor rating S2 sixty min.   kW 11 eleven.75 sixteen.6
6.two Carry motor rating at S3 fifteen%   kW 8.six 10 25.four
six.3 Battery voltage/ rated potential (5h)     48/five hundred eighty/five hundred 80/seven hundred
six.four Battery Weight   kg 990 1492 2015
Addition knowledge        
eight.one Drive program     AC AC AC
10.seven Working Strain   dB (A) 70 70 70

High stability and security:

Taxi design by SIP stage, conform to EN- ISO 5353, ensures compartment with great comfort and fatigue- totally free working.
Multifunction Lcd electronic screen with digital service hour metre, battery discharge indicator, travel information, mistake code and warning shows. Supply quickly and exact checking truck standing.
Mast cylinder lowering with buffering method: Shock absorber steering axle with lower sound. All of seal kits imported from Japan, transmission and functioning method have low sound.
With regenerative brake in reversing method and standard brake pedal use, truck can be braked after foot leaving the pedal. Lessen operator efforts and increase the brake daily life.
The optional of 3rd safety pedal to decrease the driving pace even though stacking and steering application.


Broad see mast, distinct visibility.
Low peak accessibility phase with wide steel non slip plate for straightforward entry and exit.
Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers layout provides massive operation room.
Adjustable tilt steering column gives the most cozy operator position.
Seat with basic safety belt and arm relaxation (The optional of Grammar or suspension sort).
High-friction brake sneakers are payment of asbestos.
With reverse mirror, entrance perform mild and back again operate light group.

Straightforward servicing:

Floor board are simply eliminated for rapid provider evaluate.
Insulated battery cover gas-stuffed cylinders and effortless to preserve.
The lifting motor under the floorboard for easy servicing.

5ton Free Mast Lifting Height AC Powered Electric Forklift